Google Ads Agency

Find new customers and scale profitably using highly-targeted PPC campaigns.

Intent-Based Marketing

Google Ads deliver the highest-intent paid traffic online.

Shopfuel’s advanced Google campaigns incorporate every channel Google has to offer. Search is the primary driver of new traffic, but by leveraging the other channels, such as Youtube, Gmail and Display, we are able to target and retarget high intent shoppers.

Go Beyond Search

Our advanced campaigns reach much further than the search box. By incorporating stellar creative into our advanced retargeting campaigns we are able to advertise effectively to the right people, in the right place, with the right products or message, and at the right time.

Shopfuel’s full-funnel approach to Google Advertising delivers sales results through cohesive storytelling.

1.4% CTR

avg. across ecommerce clients

$0.63 CPC

avg. across ecommerce clients

Google Case Study

Turquoise Tuesday is a turquoise jewelry brand that offers high-quality, contemporary turquoise and silver jewelry.


By leveraging Google Shopping Ads and Google Text Ads, we have been able to deliver high intent cold traffic for just $0.58 per click. In addition, we effectively retarget website traffic using dynamic product ads on Gmail, YouTube and the Display Network.


Each month our ads bring Turquoise Tuesday hundreds of website purchases, tens of thousands  of dollars in sales, and an 8X ROAS.