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We build scalable campaigns by pairing bold, professionally-designed custom creative with the power of machine learning.

Drive Conversions

Reactivate your previous customers and reach new ones, all where they spend the most time online—Facebook & Instagram.

As a Meta Marketing Partner, Shopfuel has access to the support and tools necessary to deliver the best and most profitable results possible.

Shopfuel’s proprietary social media ad campaigns couple advanced targeting and retargeting with professional creative.

Our professional designers leverage your highest quality and most relevant media assets build scroll-stopping creative.

Next, our world class media buyers implement the creative inside of our campaigns and optimize daily leveraging the power of AI decision making.

2024 is all about video

Trending Reel audio, synced to stellar creative. Our campaigns leverage all placements Meta has to offer including Reels & Stories.

Our team builds these ads to impress the top and middle of your funnel. Awareness & Consideration.

Reel Ads with Trending Audio




Avg. all clients 2023




Avg. all clients 2023

Designed by HUMAN Professionals

Powered by MACHINE Learning

Campaign Roadmap

  1. Analysis & Market Research
  2. Creative Development, Professional Designers
  3. Campaign Implementation, World Class Media Buyers
  4. Campaign Optimization, Machine Learning
  5. Profitably Scale

Facebook & Instagram
Case Study

Vintage Boho Bags achieves a 15X ROAS through Facebook, Instagram and Google Ads.


Our first priority with Vintage Boho Bags was implementing advanced retargeting to all audiences in the middle and bottom of the funnel. With over 330k Instagram followers, and thousands of website purchases per month, it was clear that VBB’s lack of proper retargeting at the time was leaving money on the table.

Using the data from these retargeting audiences and VBB’s previous customers we have been able to effectively identify cold audiences who are most likely to purchase from VBB.


Scroll-stopping video creative at the top of the funnel have been the most effective hook. These short video ads primarily run in the Story & Reel placement with trending audio. Advanced retargeting using Dynamic Product Ads (DPA) and Instant Experiences coupled with collection specific DPA have delivered exceptional results to the middle and bottom of the funnel.

Multiple six figures spent on Facebook, Instagram and Google has delivered many seven figures in sales for VBB at a 15X ROAS.

Beautifully designed Email and SMS campaigns coupled with advanced segmentation, allows for effective story-telling to the bottom of the funnel. These campaigns go beyond abandoned cart retargeting, and include fully custom campaigns that drive repeat purchases.




Increase in Ad Spend


Increase in Revenue