Email & SMS Marketing Agency

Segmentation & automation are just part of the puzzle. Drive conversions and repeat business through professionally-managed email & SMS campaigns.

97% open rate in the first three minutes

SMS is the fastest way to reach each of your previous customers instantly. Beyond the SMS and MMS sends to all previous customers and subscribers, Shopfuel’s SMS campaigns implement advanced segmentation and automation to retarget the bottom of the funnel.

Beautifully-designed animated GIFs coupled with well thought out messaging, delivered to your white hot audiences.

scroll-stopping emails

Broadcast your best to previous customers and new subscribers alike using beautifully designed emails built for a mobile-first & privacy-first post-iOS14 world.

Shopfuel’s advanced email marketing campaigns leverage automation and personalization to deliver properly timed messages to your best prospects. By curating your best and most relevant creative, our team is able to deliver scroll-stopping email masterpieces that are guaranteed to impress.

better together

Our SOP is to marry these two channels, Email & SMS. By curating campaigns with both channels in mind, we are able to deliver cohesive and complimentary campaigns.

By scheduling and properly staggering these direct campaigns, we are able to story tell to your most important audience without being overwhelming or intrusive.