Client Case Study

Turquoise Tuesday

Shopfuel uses Google Search Ads to deliver Turquoise Tuesday an 8X ROAS each month.

Client Case Study


Turquoise Tuesday is a turquoise jewelry brand that offers high-quality, contemporary turquoise and silver jewelry.

Having found success with social media ads in the past, the company was looking for a way to increase the performance from this channel as well as test Search Ads.

What makes Turquoise Tuesday unique is they sell contemporary, high quality, turquoise jewelry to a younger audience. When the company found Shopfuel, they had been running Facebook and Instagram ads successfully for months.


Return On Ad Spend


Click-Through Rate


Cost Per Click


Shopfuel’s advanced retargeting campaigns have increased the effectiveness of Turquoise Tuesday’s Facebook and Instagram product ads. However, our team has found the best ROAS for Turquoise Tuesday from Google Ads. By leveraging Google Shopping Ads and Google Text Ads, we have been able to deliver high intent cold traffic for just $0.58 per click. In addition, we effectively retarget website traffic using dynamic product ads on Gmail, YouTube and the Display Network. 

Each month our ads bring Turquoise Tuesday hundreds of website purchases, tens of thousands  of dollars in sales, and an 8X ROAS.