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Ann's Turquoise

Ann’s Turquoise is a western wear and turquoise jewelry brand.
Like many brands, Ann’s Turquoise saw a drastic uptic in online orders in 2020. The company partnered with Shopfuel to reach new online shoppers and convert their existing website traffic into paying customers.

Shopfuel uses Ecom Ads on Search and Social to deliver Anns Turquoise a 5X ROAS each month.

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Shopfuel Strategy

The initial focus of our campaigns for Ann’s Turquoise was to convert their increasing website traffic into customers using detailed product campaigns on Facebook and Instagram. On these social platforms we are retargeting every layer of their website funnel with a different message. The messaging is dependent on the shoppers level of intent and where in the sales process they opted out. 
Additionally, we use Google Shopping Ads to drive new high intent shoppers to their website. These campaigns are so effective because Ann’s Turquoise ads are only being shown to people who are currently searching for exactly what they are selling. This guarantees zero wasted ad spend.
Our combination of using Google Shopping Ads to drive new customers to the site then retargeting using Facebook and Instagram Ads is the perfect storm. Ann’s Turquoise has been able to increase their online orders with our campaigns which deliver a 5X Return on Ad Spend costing only about $0.73 per link click.

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Lana's BarBelles | Lana C., Owner
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Bradenton, Florida

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